Appalachian Artisan Brooms

OUR BROOMS: Sistercraft makes colonial Appalachian style brooms. We use 100% natural broomcorn, solid wood handles, and twine or reused leather in keeping with older traditions of American broom-making before industrialization. When we make brooms, whisks and pot scrubbers in the Appalachian tradition, we remember that the history of broom-making in America comes from a diverse colonial world where Native, African, and European broomdashers (broom-makers) interacted and shared knowledge of broom-making from their home countries. Brooms were needed on an everyday basis to clean pots, brush away soot, curry animals, and clean boots. Brooms were also used to celebrate marriages and new homes. Sistercraft seeks to honor these old traditions in our handmade brooms. Our brooms can be decorative and they do look so lovely on a wall, by a fireplace, or hanging on a door. They are also sturdy and can be used on a daily basis. 

Washtenaw Whisk




THE WASHTENAW WHISK is made of all natural broom corn and twine. This natural WASHTENAW WHISK is not dyed. The color is of natural broomcorn. They are about 21 inches long made with broom corn packed tightly together. 

Trumbull Potscrubber



TRUMBULL SCRUBBER: Our Trumbull pot scrubber is 6 inches long and 1.25 inches in diameter. The twine cord is about 2 inches long. (Because these are handmade, there is slight variation in the broom corn shade, length and diameter.) 

Belle Isle Hearth Broom

BELLE ISLE HEARTH BROOM: The Sistercraft Belle Isle Broom is a beautiful piece of artisan Appalachian folk craft. The broomcorn is braided together at the top, then layered and stitched by hand. The Belle Isle has two rows of stitching on the broom. The BELLE ISLE broom is approximately 50 inches long and made with a solid wooden pine handle. 

Witch & Wizard Broom

This one is a beautiful piece of artisan Appalachian folk craft. The broomcorn is braided together at the top, then woven and stitched by hand. Keeping with this art form, we do not use glue, wire, or tacks. The handle is crafted from a crooked, diamond willow stick with the bark sanded off. (All of the wood is sourced sustainably from the USA.) The broom handle diameter and length varies so all witches and wizards can have a length perfect for them. 



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